Extremism is a form of radacalization that stems from a warped ideology, oppression, and isolation. Unfortunately, we live in a world where some people have began to interpret religious texts in a way that damages society and threatens the integrity of texts true message. As a result people, specifically Muslims,  are finding themselves defending their beliefs because various outliers have distorted the message for their own purpose. It is a social responsibility to separate the two, Muslims and terrorists, because they are not even closey related. Saying they are is as ludicrous as saying a person who commits a crime represents all people of that ethnicity or background. And if that is the case, heaven forbid, then a lot of other faiths too have a lot of contemplating to do.

 Muslims all over are coming together to create awareness and represent their faith in a positive light. For example, in LosAngeles today Philo visited the City Hall where the Islamic Center of Southern California held a rally against violence and extremism. They discussed the importance of their voice and condemned the evil actions of ISIS. Attached is a picture of the event. Repost it in an effort to spread the message and promote the cause. #philoon



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