Los Angeles Art Gallery Spreads the Love


Philo is proud to announce that after a delightful evening  strolling through Pomona’s Art Walk we wandered into The Promenade Gallery and were able to connect with some amazing talent. The Mission of the Promenade Gallery is connecting with different cultures building a platform for Artists, Poets and Musicians to express their gifts in the Pomona, California Community. Jason Abboud and Family have an appreciation for the History of when this building was built in 1925 and are here to bring to life Artist’s Works to be showcased. Also to welcome the adults and children to come to various workshops, Open Mics, classes and to enjoy the highest of quality of Art to be displayed each month by multiple Artists. He has entrusted the Gallery to be curated by Mary Tawadros. After speaking with Mary we determined arts ability to raise awareness about humanitarian issues is an integral part of why we do what we do; offer artists a public space where they can connect audiences to unfamiliar contexts or concerns. For this reason expect a collaboration in the near future.

If you are interested in visiting the gallery this Sunday there is an open mic night starting at 7:00pm and ending at 9:30pm. Derrick Dezine, an incredible artist, will be the featured guest along side other entertainment. ($5 cover charge) So get out there and #PhiloOn

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