Dani Sanguineti

The following is a powerful statement and illustration by Dani Sanguineti, a talented artist from Argentina. Philo is working with her to bring attention to social issues through art. Specifically, this month she focuses on the refugee crises. Please absorb it, share it, and #PhiloOn.

Dani Sanguineti

In some parts of the world, many people have lost their right to exist. They suffer the consequences of selfish and egocentric decisions. They are forced to abandon their homes to survive, and leave everything they love behind. Bombs are close, and they have to make rough decisions like crossing the sea in a boat full of people putting at risk their own lives and the lives of their children. But there is nothing else to do, home is not safe, home is hostile, home is not home anymore. 

Power is the only thing that matters to those who run the planet, only they can sleep without thinking about all the damage that they are causing while they fill their pockets with more and more money.   And the rest of us, are comfortable sitting on our couches drinking cafe and watching the news…as if war and bombs didn’t exist in the same world  we live. 

It´s not easy, but we need to start thinking about the person that we have next to us, it doesn’t matter their nation or religion, we all have the right to live in a safe place, because the world belongs to all , not only to those who have millions in their accounts. People care, life is valuable, and we all need to start honoring life, and help each other, as brothers, and as part of the 7.4 billion people that breath on this planet. 

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