Mary Tawadros 

Philo met Mary, a curator, artists and passionate social advocate while venturing around the Pomona Art walk. After hearing each other’s interests and goals we knew there was room for collaboration. Last night we filmed an open mic night at her galley and saw the amazing talent she hosts. In addition, featured guest Malica Williams, a powerful women combatting Human Trafficking world wide, moved the crowd with her experiences. To say the least, Mary provides an open and ecclectic space for people young and old to express themselves in a meaningful way.   
She also is an artist herself. Not only does she write incredible poetry but she also paints elaborate designs on seashells in an effort to raise awareness about Human Trafficking. 50% of the earning from each seashell sold goes to trafficked victims. 
Philo is honored to host Mary on our website and hope others can be inspired by her ambition and presence. Below is a picture of the seashells she paints. If you are interested please send an email to Philo, and we will take it from there. 


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