Dani Sanguineti

 We are honored once again to be featuring the talented artist Dani Sanguineti. For the second time she has created an original piece for Philo. This month she specifically focuses on the internet’s potential to create a positive and collective voice. Please be inspired by the following illustration and paragraph .


Since the emergence of the Internet, the world’s society won different tools and facilities. One of the most important has been, the ability to connect people in a matter of minutes. Nowadays, the minutes become seconds, and thanks to all the social networks, we can say, that we are 100% connected with every human being that has a computer, cellphone or tablet. However, we have lost sight of the responsibility that this connection demands. A great number of internet and social networks users spend most of their time uploading information about their lives, their interests, their hobbies, their opinions, etc. But this is something we all know. What we fail to understand, is the potential that this kind of tool gives us. If we use this connection to span across countries and reach out to people from all over the planet then we have the power to create common purpose, or to make a difference in an unfair world. Then we could be watching the change that many dream of grow. Yet, we still focus on our lives as individuals, posting all kinds of information that we believe defines us. But the thing is, this is the attitude that keeps contaminating the internet, filling it with non-constructive issues, ultimately destroying a fertile space. We fight, we discuss, we agree and disagree on matters yet are apathetic while doing so. We need to stay focused on the real purpose of the internet and be creative about all the good things we can begin. Not only for ourselves, but also for the entire world.



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