Lia’s LAX update

Hey Philo-ers be sure to check out our weekly events of interest or Lia’s LAX update, it will be posted every Monday by yours truly. This week we are keeping our eye out for the Tibet Burning gallery hosted at UW-L starting today at 11am in Centennial on the university’s campus and if you can’t make it today, no worries the powerful gallery will be up until 4pm Tuesday, March 22nd. Also on our radar, Leveraging Tibet’s Soft Power a key note presentation by Pema Yoko at Hall of Nations on UW-L’s campus on March 22nd at 8pm. And finally ‘MIXED: a one women show‘ on  in 260 Graf Main Hall. If you’d like to know more check out the links I’ve attached to the events. Don’t forget to be on the look out, you may spot one of our Philo team members! Be sure to snag a photo with them! Happy Monday all & #PhiloOn

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