Gerardo Ayala

My name is Gerardo Ayala.  I am 33 years old and since I can remember, in one form or another I have made art a part of my life.  As a child I was always fascinated with working with my hands to create. One time in my youth, my family and I took a trip out of the country and we came across an Arts & Crafts Fair. I vividly recall feeling inspired by seeing all the artisans and how passionate they were to show their creations. That moment stuck to the back of my subconscious because as a frustrated teen I secretly fantasized with running away from home with a few paint brushes and paint tubes.  All I knew was that one day I wanted to be like those artists, showcasing to the world what they have to offer.

I never ran away from home, but growing up I did decide to take a few art classes in high school and in college to improve my technique.  I’ve learned about many mediums and avenues for creating art. To me art is an important tool in my life I often use to convey my surroundings. Today, I continue to explore the world of visual art through painting. This way I am able to put my inspirations onto a solid surface.


One thought on “Gerardo Ayala

  1. Frank Segura says:

    Gerardo, there is no misinterpretation in the thought of being grounded through your art. I think you’ve captured a nuance.


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