Joao Cardiga

Hi. My name is Joao Cardiga and I am an artist from Portugal. I mainly do photography, videos and muralism. My way into the art world was odd. I started as a professional financial manager, but decided that was not a life for me. Not knowing the future I ventured on a trip around the world that would change my life. I picked up an interest for art and started doing photography and videos.

There’s no doubt, I fell in love with life and now through art I try to show a little bit of this world, change places and make a positive mark. In terms of photography I already did a little bit of everything, but in every single case I love to portray the feeling of what I am shooting. I love the power that photography has to crystallize a moment, thus enabling that moment to surpass its ephemeral nature.

Also, it is an incredible way to show the beauty that exists in everyday life and that sometimes we don’t notice. But most of all I like the way how art can touch people’s lives and give a smile in a beautiful manner…  – Joao Cardiga, Portugal



One thought on “Joao Cardiga

  1. Frank Segura says:

    Joao, huge chance from going from a professional to living in the moment. It is incredibly sad how many of us don’t stop and take a picture. Either through lens, or a brush or the simplicity of letting rest on our minds.


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