Movie, Discussion and more


If you haven’t heard about it already, then you need to now! Philo, is hosting another pop-up theater with Pearl Street Brewery and new guest the Ho-Chunk Nation LaCrosse Youth and Learning Center. Philo is honored to be working with our partners to create an #educational and #enticing event that utilizes #film to illuminate a social issue. In this instance, as homage to #trick-or-treaters we decided to talk about the terrifying practice of disrespectful cultural appropriation. Often the costumes people choose perpetuate a negative cultural stereotype. Through the elected movie and conversation lead by speakers of the Ho-Chunk Nation LaCrosse Youth and Learning Center we aim to promote a better understanding of cultural appropriation and inspire more respectful costume choices.
In addition, it is common practice for Philo to donate the money raised from selling original t-shirts and caramel corn to a cause of the partnered nonprofits choice. At our last event we raised 400 dollars for CouleeCap in an effort to help the homeless. In this case, the Ho-Chunk Nation LaCrosse Youth and Learning Center wants to support the Sioux Nation at Standing Rock in North Dakota. (Click here to read about Standing Rock) So, we are donating the money to funding trips to those Standing at Standing Rock. We have organized a series of donation drop-off points around the city (listed on the poster below.) As we approach the end of October we will begin making the journey to and from North Dakota.
So come enjoy a good old fashion western movie riddled with cultural inaccuracies and rife with corny one liners. Enjoy a delicious Fall brew, some mouthwatering caramel corn, great conversation, and much more while supporting community and enlightening yourself.
RSVP your spot at the event by following either of the two links below.
  1. Facebook
  2. Eventbrite

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