We have arrived !

To those close at home, far and wide we have finally arrived. THIS WEEK WEDNESDAY, join Philo along with others in watching a movie and drinking a good brew. Of course there is more to our event then that. Including, a conversation about cultural appropriation as our movie examplifies what cinema often times does wrong when depicting another culture. And partnering with us to discuss our topic further is the Ho-Chunk Nation LaCrosse. So come and join in building positive social capital in our community using collective energy and film! 

In addition, it is our tradition to fundraise for the partnered organization at our event by selling custom t-shirts, pop-corn and more. In this case the Ho-Chunk Nation LaCrosse Youth and Learning center decided that wanted to dedicate that money to moving donated goods to Standing Rock in North Dakota. We happily jumped on board with the idea and have been collecting donations. The event itself is drop off point so if your looking to help bring any old camping supplies or warm weather gear you can! 

Hope to see you there! 

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