As Philo reflects on this past year we have undoubtedly proven to ourselves and others our mission is worth continuing. For this reason we have dived into research orientated around our developing initiatives in preparation for 2017. One line from a research paper written by our very own Lia Neterval-Quiel caught me yesterday. She was researching Antonio Berni while in BA and wrote; “He thought that this decline of art was indicative of the division of the artist and the public.” This resonated with me, as much of the past year has been spent working with socially conscious artists who use their medium to bring awareness to issues. I learned that their muse is the social realm and for this reason, I believe, their work reverberates with everyone, especially those invested in the social realm. Philo is hoping for another great year of searching for artists who seem to be able to decipher and highlight the chaotic scenes of life. #Stay Pensive Artists w/o you Philo has nothing to read.

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