Philo is proud to be working along side the Artspire organizers this year. Being apart of an event that celebrates artists, communities and collective energy is the right kind of atmosphere for Philo. Specifically, Philo is acting as this years Interactive Arts Coordinator for the group.

For this reason, I have spent the last month brainstorming interactive projects that utilize digital technologies to show current events and the community of LaCrosse. My hope is that these immersive experiences will allow community members to engage issues in a new way and develop a more profound awareness of them.

Of course, like Artspire itself, these take time to build. For this reason, I along with the others on the team will be working hard, hurdling every problem we encounter, in our effort to bring you an inspiring event this June. In the meantime, there are plenty of ways you can get involved. Specifically, WE NEED ARTISTS! Click here, to access the online application. Outside of this, you can show support by donating to the event here.


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