Trump takes action to move forward with Keystone, Dakota Access pipeline meaning its time for StandingRock Solidarity in LAX to ignite

Philo has been involved with Standing Rock for a while now. We have witnessed the trials and tribulations many have endured with pride and conviction. From these actions we have been inspired to help.

Originally, this involved working with local entities like the Ho-Chunk LaCrosse Youth and Learning Center to send needed supplies to Standing Rock. Following this, we worked with UWL student Rachel Ausmen, to organize a protest against Wells Fargo and host a meeting where community members educated each other and worked together to understand what’s happening in Standing Rock.

Now, that small group is working on establishing  a more permanent solidarity group that will work collectively to assist those Native Americans at Standing Rock and across the United States. In addition, to collecting resources we will distributing objective information about Standing Rock so that the community can stay informed.

We feel this group is important given the new administration’s direction regarding DAPL. Below is an article highlighting Presidents Trump’s new executive order regarding DAPL and other pipeline projects. Please take the time to decide how you feel about this issue and join us for valuable conversation and coordinated action.

Click here to find the #noDAPL LaCrosse Solidarity page otherwise see below for a links pertaining to Standing Rock:

Trump’s Move On Keystone XL, Dakota Access Outrages Activists


DAPL ALERT: Trump revives DAPL and Keystone XL Pipelines, Chase Iron Eyes responds


#NoDAPL: Standing Rock Sioux Respond to Trump’s Executive Action






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