Traffik 2017 : Call to Artists

The Task Force to Eradicate Modern Slavery is a relentless force in our community. It is constantly working to terminate Human trafficking in our area and WI in general. Lead by Sister Marlene Weisenbeck of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration  the group has accomplished a lot, subsequently, making our city a safer and more conscious place. For this reason, Philo would like to bring some attention their way.

Specifically, they are working with the Viterbo University Art Department seeking works of art that respond to the issue of human trafficking. Artists are invited to interpret this theme in its broadest sense using 2D and 3D media. Art works may imply an introspective response to the theme, the issues around it, or its effects, but may also explore broader interpretations of issues that it raises, such as oppression, illicit economies, invisibility, innocence, social justice, and others. Our goal is to create a space for artists to express themselves, and for others to dwell among works that have been highly considered, in the context of this issue.

To register or find out more click here.


Find out what the TFTEMS is up to in the year of 2017


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