The Van

Come join Philo and some incredible comedians for a great night of laughs and fundraising. Specifically, we will be telling jokes in an effort to raise money for Larry. Larry is a quadriplegic with a lot to do. He spends a lot of time volunteering at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, teaching at Toastmasters (an organization helping members improve their communication,) being a father, and attending to the everyday tasks.

Accomplishing all of this with limited mobility is challenging for Larry to say the least, but still he proves ordinary thinking wrong. Using the Metro fearlessly and flawlessly he navigates his busy life. Despite this optimism, after sitting down with Larry, he expressed an interest in doing so much more. He reminds me, that the amount of free time you have is closely linked to the amount of time you spend commuting in LA. With limited handicap accessible services it is also hard for transportation to be punctual or quick. For these reasons and more Larry has been fundraising for a personal van.

Philo wants to bring Larry’s story to the attention of others for many reasons. First and foremost to help Larry expand his mission so that he can utilize his ambitious spirit more. In addition, we want to use Larry’s courageous spirit to inspire others. For these reasons, part of the funds raised will be used to assist in creating a video oriented around Larry’s life. Our hope is that This video can be utilized as a key component in Larry’s campaign to acquire a van. It will showcase Larry’s undefeatable character and undoubtedly reveal the challenges Larry faces as a result of being without a personal van.

We hope to see you there! For more info click here. See a list of the comedians below:

8:00 MC Sally Mullins 7
8:10 Brynn Moody 6
8:16 Matt Mero 6
8:22 Guy Groves 6
8:28 Kari Assad 6
8:34 Nat Margolis 6
8:40 Carvey Brothers 6
8:46 Gus Constantellis 6
8:55 Jason Stewart 8
9:05 Joey Medina 8
9:13 Josh Nasar 8
9:22 John Diresta 8
9:31 Mike Muratore 8
9:40 AJ Rivera 6
9:46 Adam Richmond 8

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