Puerto Rico 

Please read the following from Maribel Bird. She is an incredible professor and a mentor of ours. With feet on the ground she is painting a trustworthy picture for us. Follow the link below to donate: 

Hurricane Maria left most of Puerto Rico without clean water, light, power, or relief from life-threatening conditions. Though most of my family lives on the island, I know that they will be fine, but there are many families who are not.  
There are communities of people trying to survive without clean water, unable to find and purchase batteries, operating in extended hours of darkness, and who have difficulty communicating their needs. Money from this campaign will be used to purchase community water filtration devices, solar-powered lamps, batteries (as D, AAA, and AA are increasingly difficult to find), and radios.
Any additional funds will go toward the purchase of flashlights, cold packs, and diapers. 
Thank you for your support!
– Maribel Bird 

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