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  • Last week Jovan Sales, our Virtual Reality content creator, arrived in town to familiarize himself with our community. Of course, by the time he left he was greatly inspired by LaCrosse’s rich and dynamic history. Not only was he able to learn about our past but also contemporary social issues that are defining our community now. In addition, he was able to acquaint himself with the Hmoob community and the parts of the local Ho-Chunk. What we learned is that both of these communities are undoubtedly apart of the fabric of LaCrosse yet there seems to be a lack of awareness in the larger community of this truth at times. For that reason, Philo, Jovan and the rest of the VR team dove deeper into logistics of creating a video that would give a platform to one of these cultures. With so many incredible stories its hard to determine anything just yet. No matter the decision, we are excited to begin working on a project that aims at giving educators in our community a tool that immerses one into another’s perspective.

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Film, Philo and social issues.

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