What is the incentive besides being altruistic?

Since Philo aims to educate the community as a whole, it provides the pathway to a neighborhood that shares an acute awareness of local issues. A city where high-traffic businesses are keenly acquainted with local concerns is advantageous in and of itself. In addition, given the inclusive nature of Philo, the conferences are set-up so that people outside the immediate workforce are encouraged to attend, subsequently, creating open forums of discussion revolving around local matters.

Creating motivation within businesses is a key strategic notion. This is done with a variety of tools, but most importantly, it is achieved via a changing social atmosphere. Your dollar is your vote, meaning businesses choosing to adopt programs like Philo are dependent on social pressure. Demanding and buying products produced in an ethical atmosphere would require companies to implement more humanitarian aimed policies. While this may sound optimistic, it is an empirical trend that is asserting morality into the world of sales and profits. Still, given the unprecedented amount of power that contemporary businesses possess, more organizations are needed to turn that trend into a lifestyle. Because of this,the first incentive should be promoting a virtuous economic model.

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