We aim…

  • To unite social justice agencies with businesses in an effort to cultivate employees with a more acute awareness of pressing humanitarian issues
  • To build stronger communities by promoting ethical business practice and product consumption amongst residents
  • To assess businesses needs and pair them with social justice agencies capable of filling any empty niches
  • To bring awareness to humanitarian issues and diversity using the power of digital mediums
  • To promote Film, socially conscious artists and Social Justice.

What does using collective social energy mean?

imagePhilo aims to harness the power of many people with organized, focused and pragmatic initiatives. The goal behind these initiatives is to spread awareness about social issues by allowing  one context to understand another via education and art. Our hope is that by participating in Philo a person can learn the value of collective social energy especially when combating humanitarian issues.

We will be a Social platform of organization hosted by the internet…AbstractCircuit336590076_thumbnail-1420550245761

Using the ubiquity of the web, Philo aims to provide a digital landscape where visitors can access information about the movement, social causes and local businesses that have committed to the Philo model. In addition, overtime Philo aims to provide a locally based search engine that would list those business working with the community. More specifically, we hope to archive their products so that consumers can find exactly what they need from the most ethical local entity. 

What other digital media is being used?


Aside from the internet, Philo focuses on the power of film and all of the devices that produce it. An influential medium like no other, film has been on the forefronts of revolution: pioneering trends, inventing dialogue, depicting dreams, transferring information from one generation to the next, and educating viewers on foreign places. In essence, film is our desired mechanism for illuminating social issues.