LaCrosse Solidarity Network

Location: Boothill Pub 

Time: @7pm

When: Thursday Feb. 16


15443108_10209520504423453_440156090846303514_oLast month
, on Dec. 10
th of 2016, a small group of approximately 15 wonderful people marched onto Wells Fargo in La Crosse, WI. After peacefully protesting the group marched to the Three Rivers House for a discussion on local efforts towards stopping Big Businesses and their investments, support for Environmental aspects of La Crosse, and the denial to ease access of the DAPL through the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s sacred and potentially vulnerable land. We discussed forming a Solidarity Network here in La Crosse, showing support for all indigenous lives and water protectors who fight in honor of protecting Native American’s and their land.

1 (1).pngSince then the decision has been made to organize a Solidarity group. We invite others to join these sessions for information regarding #StandingRock, ways to get involved locally and more. For minutes from the last meeting or topics for the upcoming meeting look below.


President – Rachel Ausman
VP- Elizabeth Peavey
Assistant Coordinator – Philo
Secretary – OPEN
Treasurer/Head of Fundraising – OPEN
Fundraising Coordinators – OPEN
Social Media Ambassadors – OPEN


Unfinished business

  • Group name!
  • Other groups and organizations to form coalitions?
  • Presentations for local schools and organizations: June Carter – interested in setting this up?
  • Formulate a mission statement


New business

  • Updates on DAPL
  • Stories on Big Businesses
  • Trump and the Environment/DAPL
  • Fundraising ideas (Phone Booth)
  • Future meeting schedule
  • Open Positions
  • Anyone with something to add for new business?


  • Local Events
  • Upcoming Philo events