The following people are classified as the working board members and represent the hands of Philo.

Founder, Cameron Segura

Cameron is a Viterbo University graduate originally from Colorado. He has taken his affinity for film and the Franciscan values to create videos focused on human rights. Specifically, most of his work deals with Latin films and issues. He has traveled, studied and worked in a variety of South and Central American countries and is constantly trying to create ways to show audiences the importance of media literacy and the power of digital mediums. Overall, the culmination of Cameron’s travels and experiences have led him to create Philo in an attempt to educate others about the injustices faced by so many.


Coordinator, Lia Neterval-Quiel

Lis Neterval-Quiel is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a BA in Spanish and a double minor in Psychology and Ethnic & Racial Studies. She has an immense passion for social justice and giving back to the community, this is reflected in the time she has invested volunteering at various social justice agencies within the La Crosse area and her course load throughout her undergraduate career. Lia comes from a diverse background, originating from Milwaukee, WI, and a multicultural household with an immigrant mother. Lia is extremely motivated to ensure that the unheard voices get heard and securing sustainability throughout all aspects of her life. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors with her pup, whether its a hike, a short walk, or a playful trip to the dog park. Lia also tries to make time for her friends, family and loved ones as much as possible!

Cinematographer, Tyler Fimreite

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Tyler Fimreite is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. He has taken his love of film and transformed it into creating short films to both tell stories and shed light on contemporary social and environmental issues. Utilizing the idea that visual media is the best way to reach a broad audience in communicating these issues, Tyler hopes to share the message in each short and Philo’s messages to as many people as possible.